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 As the name expresses, working with glass is the core competence of our company. Glass can be used in many ways as part of the modular structure of modern architecture and has become the focus of outstanding design. It is a prerequisite that the product meets the functional requirements but customers have become more demanding and also look for an added value on an emotional level.

Our shower cabins meet these criterias through their functionality and technical perfection and our styling expresses modern lifestyle and creativity in a convincing way. S&E products combine form and function which are tailored to individual tastes by our creativity.

In order to be successful, a manufacturer must put the customer in the centre of his strategy and must be creative to react to customer requirements in the shortest possible time. Our products must fulfill the functional and economical requirements as well as meeting social and cultural needs.

Our core product is the frameless shower glass partition which opens up new opportunities in the bathroom design by its transparent structure and ultimate elegance. The bathroom, long neglected in domestic architecture, has undergone a renaissance in recent years towards the attributes of lifestyle and creativity.

This is exactly what we are striving for, our products reflect style and personality. We will find a solution for all thinkable situations in the bathroom applying our patented, innovative designs and meeting highest quality standards in terms of material and finish making our partitions withstand even extreme forces.

So it is the combination of functionality with outstanding design and top quality that makes our products unique on the market.

All materials used by S&E Glassdesign are exclusively made in Germany.

S&E Glasdesign

Shower Partitions

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The S&E fixed panel concept is that we allways bespoke t...

Typ 2


The S&E shower Type 1 is a turning door linked to the...


The S&E Type 5 consists of a pivot door and a fixed part...

Corners Round-
and Pentangle-Solutions

The S&E Type 11 and Type 12 (photo) are both quarter rou...

Bath Tub-Solutions

  The S&E Type 15 for bath tubs consists of one piv...

Sliding Doors

The S&E Type S1 is a niche solution consisting of a slid...

Solutions with Dwarf Return

  The S&E Type B3 is a two sided corner solution ne...

Typ Steam 4

for Steam Use

The S&E Type Steam 4 is a 2 sided enclosure suitable upt...

Glass Design Unlimited

S&E glass partitions are made to measure so that they fi...

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The patented S&E hinge stands out due to it amazingly simple design. Reduced to the essentials, its form follows function. It is a timeless link between our glass elements, connecting without visually separating areas because the S&E hinges are positioned at the corner of the glass out of the eye line. A result of the positioning provides additional stability to the shower enclosure, while the finished look appears light and floating through the beauty of the hinges on the glass.

The fittings are sturdy because they are CNC milled from a solid block of brass. They are plated after grinding and polishing. They are equipped with a lifting and lowering device for a superior water seal.


S&E Glasdesign




If you wish more information about S&E and our products that go beyond the content of this website, please get in touch with us through the contact form, via email or just call or download our international brochure.


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