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The S&E fixed panel concept is that we allways bespoke to suit your environment, personalising to the smallest details thus achieving an uncompromised finish and sence of imagination every time you admire it, transforming  the most simple of ideas into an individual statement in the bathroom. 

This section takes you through some case studies that are unquestionable bespoke.

S&E Glasdesign Walk-In-Lösung

S&E Glasdesign Walk In

S&E Glasdesign Walk-In-Lösung

The bathroom above shows two connected shower panels at 90 degrees with L brackets and through-glass support bar, combined with a frosted wc-partition.

Sizes are a completely flexible subject to access.


Type L1


The Type L1 walk in enclosure consists of a large fixed panel with 90 degree mitred UV bond return panel. The construction is made extremely rigid by the extra surface bonding area in the mitre joint and so will not require a support bar for sizes up to 1 500mm wide.

The image above shows an enclosure 1 850mm wide with diagonal bar. Other standard configurations of walk in solutions are shown in the overview section.

Please always call for technical advice when planning fixed panels not shown on these pages or glass to ceiling is required.




These were our walk-in-solutions.

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